#startingtheconversation campaign

**TRIGGER WARNING: Video talks about mental health issues** 

So I wanted to upload this video and take the opportunity to big up Goldsmiths DISABILITY CAMPAIGN and officers. Their determination to raise awareness for mental health has been invaluable to the students of GS, many of who struggle silently, afraid of being stigmatised.

My contribution to #startingtheconversation was the first time that I’d publicly told anyone about my diagnosis for Borderline Personality Disorder – even typing it now is difficult (I’ve deleted and rewritten that sentence several times!). I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the campaign I would probably still be anxious to talk openly about my condition.

Talking about it, seeing the video, and reading the comments of support has been overwhelming. I hope other people who watch this can feel confident in talking and sharing support. We must also acknowledge that not everyone wants, or feels like they may benefit from, being open about mental health issues and THAT’S OK. Just because someone isn’t talking about it, it doesn’t mean they’re not dealing with issues of mental health. So let’s work together to create a SAFER SPACE for ALL at GS and the wider community.

Finally, all who participated in the video and campaign have genuinely been inspirational. The Disability officers at GS have done phenomenal work, and if it wasn’t for students coming forward and joining the campaign, there wouldn’t be one. Societies like RE: Mind are also doing brilliant work, providing weekly meditation drop ins and mindfulness exercises. So thank you all for providing a space – a platform – where we could express ourselves. 

I will leave ya’ll with the video. Have tissues at the ready! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpNpPTVtHKY



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