int wd

 *ALL GENDERS WELCOME* (unless stated otherwise)


Join us for a week of events in the build up to International Women’s Day!

We have an exciting mix beginning Saturday 1st March including music, film screenings, discussions, and arts&crafts. We will end the week on Saturday 8th March by joining the MILLION WOMEN RISE rally to mark International Women’s Day.


Saturday 1st March

@ 10am-5pm in ULU“STUDENT FEMINIST CONFERENCE” to mark Women’s History Month organised by our incredible ULU Women’s Officer, Susuana Antubam. All are invited to join in with the day’s discussions from “Cultural Appropriation 101” to “Islamophobia and Feminism”. For event details, see here

@ 7pm in ULU: “HOLLABACK RIOT NIGHT RELOADED!” A night of riot grrrl and indie bands, featuring Black feminist punk band BIG JOANIE. Event details found here

Monday 3rd March

@ 5pm (Room TBC): Film Screening of “AUDRE LORDE: THE BERLIN YEARS” 1984-1992, followed by roundtable discussion. This film documents Audre Lorde’s influence on the German political and cultural scene during a decade of profound social change, where she works with German Women of Colour. Link to trailer found here

Tuesday 4th March

@ 5pm in Angela Davis Room (3rd floor of Goldsmiths SU): “CONVERSATIONS WITH WOMEN OF COLOUR AND INTERNATIONAL WOMEN (Part II).” A second in the series of intimate and informal talks where WoC and International Women students of Goldsmiths discuss how race intersects with gender, and how this has shaped their experiences.

Wednesday 5th March

@ 3-4pm in Chill Out Room (ground floor of Goldsmiths SU): “Women’s Drop In” – we will run our dedicated weekly drop in sessions as usual. This is a service for all SELF-DEFINING WOMEN and NONE BINARY FOLK ONLY. For more details please follow the link

@5pm (Foom TBC): Film Screening with LGBTQ of Colour Soc. “Mosquita Y Mari” written and directed by Aurora Guerrero. A coming of age story about two young Chicana women who stir unexpected desires in each other amidst an immigrant community where dreams are often lost to economical survival. Aurora Guerrero is an inspirational Chicanan LGBTQ activist and film maker. See trailer here

Thursday 6th March

@ 6.15pm: assemble at the reception area of Goldsmiths SU (ground floor) to head to The New Cross Learning Centre at 6.30pm for “Palestinian Women’s Stories of Occupied Life”. Fifteen Palestinian Women are on a ten day visit to the UK to mark International Women’s Day, and they’re coming to New Cross! See more details here

Friday 7th March

@ 4.30pm in Angela Davis Room (3rd floor of Goldsmiths SU): “BANNER MAKING SESSION!” Come, bring friends, bring tea and biscuits, bring music and let’s make some beautiful banners to take on the march the following day! We will supply the materials. Let’s get creative!!

Saturday 8th March

@ 11am assemble outside the SU with our banners, flyers and placards. We will set off for central London as a bad ass team! Million Women Rise is a SELF-DEFINING WOMEN ONLY march to demonstrate against the violence, exploitation and abuse of women. Details of the event can be found here

For those who are unable to make the rally, there is also a film screening being held at KingstonUniversity in honour of the women cleaners and other outsourced workers at University of London, and who have been leading the inspiring ‘3 Cosas’ campaign in recent months. For more event details see here

If you’d like to contact us for information you can email us at:

Or via mobile on 07960871890




WATCH THIS SPACE for updates on events, posters and flyers coming shortly.




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