I am re-running for Welfare&Diversity Officer @Goldsmiths, so you know, pls vote for me :)



Experience: As the current welfare and diversity officer I have already:

Played an active role in the mental health strategy to challenge the lack of resources to student services such as counselling and the Disability team. I have also committed to regular drop-in hours for students in need of welfare advice.

Promoted liberation in sports: won budget for the ‘welfare bus’ to ensure safety of vulnerable students during event nights, and to take sport teams to and from matches and training. Won women-only sessions in the gym.

Launched campaign for a full-time Women’s Officer: two-thirds of Goldsmiths students are women and we need more representation! Furthermore, I have put policy in place to reimburse child care costs for student-parents and carers; and, initiated a survivor led campaign to challenge structural misogyny inherent in organisations which do not have liberation and feminist politics at its heart.


As a BME, queer, disabled woman from a working class immigrant family, I have first hand experience in the multiple ways that barriers to education manifest, and have therefore developed strategies to challenge this:

Facilitated workshops for liberation groups, such as BME and women, in the run up to elections to encourage traditionally marginalised groups to participate in Students’ Union.

I sit on the NUS Women’s committee as Disabled women’s rep, and on the NUS Welfare committee. I can therefore influence national policy and:

continue to fight for FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL!

I will campaign to:

Reject the counter-terrorism bill which pressures lecturers to monitor Black, Brown and Muslim students: this is both a racist and Islamophobic piece of legislation that promotes a culture of surveillance and squashes freedom of expression.

Continue to campaigned with Goldsmiths Palestine Society as part of the wider movement to promote justice and peace for the people of Palestine.

Present a list of demands to senior management which includes: full access to all aspects of university life for ALL disabled students and staff; and, putting a stop to the culture of pay-freezes for staff and lecturers, while senior management award themselves big bonuses and spend students’ money recklessly on unnecessary refurbishments.